Master Philip and Mistress Gwendoline.

    Master Philip Locke

A Welshman born and bred, I moved to London before the war began and became a member of a trained band of musketeers. When war broke out I fought in the battle of Edgehill on behalf of Parliament and eventually became a Dragoon. My troop was sent to liberate Winchester and succeeded. Here I had the good fortune to meet and educated woman who I wished to marry. Upon marrying Gwendoline, who also travelled from Wales, I decided to return her home as I believed it would be safer. On discovering that Wales was almost entirely Royalist, and having befriended a mercenary band.,The Marcher Stuarts, whilst travelling through the Welsh Marches, I decided not to return and serve with Parliament, but became a soldier of fortune with The Marcher Stuarts as I thought it a better way to be able to stay with and protect my wife.

Master Locke is Philip Parsons who is a skilled worker with Hafod Grange Paperweights.

Photo with thanks to Jack and his owners, John and Liesja 

Mistress Gwendoline Locke


Before the start of the wars my sister, Sarah Thomas, and I left Wales as there was no longer anything to keep us there since the death of our parents from the Plague. We travelled to a friend in Warwick and found work with Mary, Countess of Warwick. The work was hard but worthwhile as the kind Countess thought it good to have servants who can read and write and so we learned these skills here. My sister settled well there and married, but, at the start of the war, I felt uneasy as I was opposed to the King and I was working in a Royalist household.

I travelled on horseback to Winchester where, at this time, it was difficult to find any kind of work, and served in a tavern for a lovely couple. Winchester was soon under siege and fell into Royalist hands. The cavaliers were vicious and took everything they desired. Fortunately Winchester was liberated by Parliamentarian Dragoons. One, Master Philip Locke. drew my attention and, after a while, we were married. Soon we left Winchester as he deemed it would be safer for ma back in Wales. Whilst on our travels, fortunately, we were befriended by The Marcher Stuarts. They favour neither one side not the other and made us an offer to join them. My husband deemed it best to accept and, although still learning my place with them, I am happy.

Gwendoline Lock is Sian Parsons who works in Transport.

Photo with thanks to Trojan, his owner Hannah and mother Sue