Master Jonathan.

Master Jonathan Oakley Ward is Sergeant of Musket. His family hails from the borderlands of Monmouthshire and Herefordshire. He was born at Whitchurch, a sleepy village near the river Wye. from where he went to work with his father at his flour mill.
Master Jonathan. like many others, thought that there were riches to be had on the continent and so, for many years, he became a mercenary soldier and did not return home until the rumours of war in Britain lured him back.
While in foreign parts he mastered the diverse ways of using gunpowder in muskets and cannon. In fact, if anything needed blowing up , Master Jonathan was the man to do it. However, he did tend to blow up things which were not intended to be blown up and, mayhap, foreign soldiers were glad to see the back of him. 
On his return he sought out The Marcher Stuarts for the idea of fighting for the one with the fattest purse appealed to him no end. He is now armourer for the group and attends to all weaponry with earnestness  and expertise. (He likes to be called Gentleman of Musket". However methinks he has ideas above his station.)