Mistress Marion and her sister.

Mistress Marion used to work at Grantbury Manor with Mistress Jennie, but alas, that grand house is no more and the Mistress now seems to spend most of her time weaving upon 5 sticks. Her work grows remarkably quickly and she is able to provide the Marcher Stuarts with pouches, shawls, hats, blankets and other warm items.

Wherever the Marcher Stuarts set up their camp, the Mistress is quick to seize an opportunity to sport her wares. Indeed she does make a tidy profit from her labours. Not only will she teach the local populace how to weave, but, without seeming to try, she doth then sell them the wherewithal to practice the craft. 

Unfortunately Mistress Marion is somewhat hampered by her sister, Mistress Grotte, who is quite unseemly in her manners and lacks the decorum of Mistress Marion. To see the two of them together, it is hard to believe that they issued from the same parentage.

However, there is one way in which they are alike. They both have the extraordinary knack of earning money. Many a puzzled look passes upon the faces of folks who have just bought something completely useless from them...and they can't remember why they purchased it in the first place. There is something quite eerie about them both. What power they seem to possess !  

  Here am I, Mistress Grotte, being my usual charming self. Why it is I do not know but people just cannot stop giving me money. What is it about me makes people behave so ? Some say that I frighten folks with my weird sayings and I am paid to leave them alone. Others believe that I have the power to heal and they gladly cross my palm to ease their aches and pains. For you see, I do not charge half as much as the herbalist or surgeon would do and I believe I get the same results. However, I must remain vigilant for there are whisperings of the word "witch".

 My sister, Mistress Marion, frowns on some of the things I do. but I care not. Many a battle have I attended, but you would never see her on a battlefield.  

I am in charge of the baggage train, pulling my cart laden with items that the fighting men are unable to carry about their persons when they are called to march to the next battle ground. During the battles I listen out for the call of "Baggage" and I, and the rest of my women, run amongst the dead and dying to see what pickings are to be had. Some say this is a vile thing to do, but what good are boots, weapons and jewels to those who are about to meet their Maker? Far better for me to take them from their bodies. They will be be put to good use by the Marcher Stuarts.  They call me their "great provider" or "getter of goods" and even "thieving wench", but they readily use what I have gained and the good Lord knows I have never stolen from the living for I am too frightened I may be caught.

Marion is a retired teacher