Mistress Jennie, the spinster.


Mistress Jennie ...... a fine dyer, spinner and weaver of yarns.
I am the daughter of Ann who married Sir Cuthbert Clifton of Westby in Kent. My cousin is Thomas Tyldesley of Tyldesley Morleys and Myerscough Lodge,Kent. He is a General in the Royal Army. 
                                                                                                                                                  Grantbury Manor, where I lived, was taken over by the military, Royalist or Parliamentarian I know not.They stripped the roof of lead to make their bullets and took anything else which they thought they might need, leaving the house in a most pitiable state. My master, Lord Henry, was banished and I escaped with the help of some of the estate workers who hid some of my dyes amidst their bundles, but I have had to work hard to make more and it is a laborious and time consuming task.
However, I am the envy of some women as I have clothing of the most unusual kind. My husband, John, a sea captain, is able to acquire material in a host of colours from far off lands. I have tried so hard to reproduce these colours but, however I mix my dyes, I cannot achieve the right result. The foreign dyes are so bright and I was able to make myself a beautiful orange petticoat from material which John brought home the last time I saw him. 'Tis a pity he does not bring me plants from foreign parts, for our English plants do  not produce the same effect. 
My sons are on the high seas with their father  and, although I was taught to read and write by Lord Henry so that I could be his accountant, I have not the stomach to write and tell him of the loss of our living quarters. Far better for me to explain when I see them face to face. 'Twill be difficult for us to find a place to dwell when hostilities are over, but I am confident that my husband and sons will have made enough money to provide 
In the meantime the Marcher Stuarts feed and shelter me in return for my skills and I am grateful for their help. I pray that we will all be able to be with our loved ones again soon.