Master Tom Piper.

 Master Tom regales the group with fine music, most of the time, but the sound produced by his bombard does resemble a duck in pain ( and a very loud duck at that ). However, this has proved to be an asset when an enemy is needed to  be frightened away  without the use of gun or bow. Master Tom has only to give one blast of the instrument and Mistress Grotte is to be seen running in the opposite direction with a look of agony on her face, so the bombard has its uses !

While doing what he does best, strolling nonchalantly through town or village, blowing a tune on one of his many pipes or plucking the strings of harp or lute, he has picked up such useful information for the Marcher Stuarts, allowing them to plan their next move. He's hardly a silent spy, but, nevertheless, has proved his worth.  

Master Tom acquired his talent for music from birth.You see, he's a Welshman and , as everyone knows, all Welsh people are musical. Some can pluck, some can blow. Master Tom can do both.