Mistress Molly.

Mistress Molly was a nurse to a poorly lady who recently died. Molly is still able to lay out a body but her old back gives her gyp now. She didn't get the chance to follow some interests due to pressure of her work so is now busy learning new skills in weaving and  sewing. 

After years of having to be quiet, she has become a chatterbox and likes to pass on knowledge to others if she  can.

Molly had a small independence from her old lady, so she has no fear of being destitute now and is following her minstrel man when he goes to the big houses to play.

Molly loves to dance, although she forgets the steps !!                              Her sight is not great so she may forget to say hello to people she has met, but to make up for this she smiles at everyone a great deal and she has such a lovely smile !!