The Family Andrews.


Mistress Sarah was married to the village blacksmith, but sadly, due to an unfortunate accident, the village forge caught fire killing the blacksmith and destroying the forge and the family living quarters. Mistress Sarah was away at market at the time so escaped harm, but was homeless. She sought shelter and spoke to the Steward at Tretower Court where she was given a position. She helps out in the kitchen and laundry and carries out sewing repairs.


Master Michael had been apprenticed to the village blacksmith when the fire occurred. He tried to ply his trade around the villages and farms, but times were hard and so he too sought a position at Tretower where he became the Household Blacksmith. He had known Mistress Sarah for some time and, a year after the fire, they decided to marry.  


Master Anthony is the son of Master Michael and Mistress Sarah. He wishes to become a soldier and helps out the armourer at Tretower Court while learning all he can about arms, armour and weapons.. He doesn't want to follow his father's trade, but does like making small items like pendants from small pieces of metal which his father does not need.