Sir John Scott


Sir John Scott           

Lord Warden of the ' Cinque ports'                       

Knight Marshal of Calais                           

King Edward IV's Ambassador to the Dukes of Burgundy and Bretagne.


I was commissioned in 1468 to ' bring back to England the Earls of Pembroke and Richmond,- " whose escape did much perplex their king's suspicious thoughts" - and queen Elizabeth ( Woodville) too. For my services I received the Honour of Chilham castle ( and estates) formerly held by  my ancestors, the Earls of Atholl. 

This is at the height of the so called 'Cousin's war' and it were prudent for me to be ' flexible' and absent from Kent ( and Court) to 'lye low amongst certayne friends that ye have yet in the Welsh Marches near-unto Powys and the wild lands north o' Brecon.  My own son ( Lord Rathlin) whom I had hope to bring with me is I fear hostage in my own father's Oustenhanger castle  and lady Scott at Chilham. .                                                                                                                       

In real life, Robert( Sir John ) lives in Gloucestershire and has been researching his family history. He says, "All here -save the last part is all a true matter of historical record which were passed to me in 'The Scott Monuments'".

Note: The Cinque Ports were Dover, Romney, Hythe, Hastings and Sandwich. Rye and Winchelsea were added later.