Master Steffan

Master Steffan. Musician..


A Welshman, I was raised by the Church, who gave me an excellent education, including developing a talent for music and learning several languages. I understand Latin, French and English as well as Welsh and have a smattering of other European tongues. However, I was never priested and have worked at a range of enterprises including serving as a soldier and a sailor for various  parties.

As a seaman, I own a small vessel and have travelled widely: and, as a musician, I can make myself welcome with all walks of life from scullery to solar, hovel to hall. My fluency with language brings me into contact with snippets of intelligence which sometimes can be profitable if delivered to the appropriate hands.

My Catholic up-bringing was absolutely mainstream but  I must needs be discreet, although I am in possession of certain information regarding both Charles Stuart and the Duke of York , and as for that upstart, Oliver Cromwell..........! But I need to keep very quiet lest my knowledge rests upon the wrong ears.