Friar Jeffrey.

The Persecution of 'Scandalous' and 'Malignant' Parish Clergy.

 Although I was never scandalous or malignant and tried to be even handed in all things, as befitted a man in my position as clergyman, the difficult times of these Civil Wars have led to some strange happenings.I was sequestered, the victim of false witness by my parishioners who said I was preaching against their chosen side in the conflict. They seemed to find hidden words and meanings in my words and sermons.

Upon being deprived of my living and being fined the total of my savings, I decided to adopt the habit of a friar and subsist on the charity of the villages I visited.

I came upon the Marcher Stuarts and was received warmly. I attend to any ministering required, but only if asked as I have no licence. I will use a musket to defend the ladies when there is any fighting by the group, as I hope any man would do.