17th century Living History and Military Group & 15th century Tretower Household.



The Marcher Stuarts is a Living History & Military group of friendly folks who entertain and, hopefully, educate the public while enjoying themselves. They do this at castles. manors. churches. museums, schools, fetes. charity events and weddings..

Our name comes from the Marcher lands,(those between England and Wales) and the Stuart period we portray (Roundheads, Cavaliers and all that).

We have also become The Tretower Household and we interpret the wonderful restoration which has taken place at Tretower Court near Crickhowell in Powys.

The group have performed from Bedfordshire to West Wales, Shropshire to Somerset for various bodies including The National Trust, CADW (the Welsh equivalent of English Heritage), Councils, Museum Services, British Waterways, Countryside Services and Education Departments.

We've set up our tented village, practised our crafts and games quietly or made lots of noise with muskets, hook guns, blunderbuss and cannon, "killed" a few witches . shot arrows, brandished swords and had a very busy and enjoyable time.

What we are not is a static group. We don't just want to be looked at, although some of us do cause stares of disbelief !  We encourage the public to join in wherever possible, maybe learn a new craft, try their hand at archery  or sword, learn how to gamble 17th century style or even be a volunteer to face a firing squad.

If you'd like to join our group for 15th or 17th century Living History, book us for an event or a handfasting ceremony, or just to find out more then please contact 

                  Marion Davies  marmill@marmill321.plus.com

We hope you enjoy the rest of the pages on this website.We'd love to hear from you.